Training Mountain

This tour offers a pleasant walk around the sanctuary of St. Pere del Bosc. Passing through roads of all kinds, with the typical Mediterranean landscape. This is the short version of Montbarbat.

  • Tour is suitable to go 2 participants in the same quad.
  • The difficulty of the routes will be adapted to the level of the participants.
  • No need to have experience in handling quads.
  • It is essential to bring your driving license (type B) to drive the quads.
  • It is advisable to wear closed shoes and appropriate clothing for the time of year.

Duration: 1h.
Distance: 14 Km

Quads: 250cc/500cc


Quad 250cc + 1 person = 38€

Quad 250cc + 2 persons (Max 125kg) = 38+10€

Quad 500c +2 persons = 38+20€